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September 14, 2009

Caravaggio painted the picture below, entitles The Death of The Virgin. A painting of Mary’s death.  Many were outraged to find that the model for the painting was a prostitute from the wrong side of the tracks. “How dare he!”

Mancini: “Thus one can understand how badly some modern artists paint, such as those who, wishing to portray the Virgin Our Lady, depict some dirty prostitute from the Ortaccio, as Michelangelo da Caravaggio did in the Death of the Virgin in that painting for the Madonna della Scala, which for that very reason those good fathers rejected it, and perhaps that poor man suffered so much trouble in his lifetime.”

I think, how perfect. In essence he took a prostitute, a woman pushed aside, and made her into the mother of the Messiah. This woman had been redeemed. The Virgin was not defiled but us, the sinners, those who need to redemption can find it. As illustrated by Caravaggio.

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